The Most Common Brow Myths – Debunked!

Eyebrows are definitely having a moment… and it doesn’t look like the bold brow trend is going anywhere anytime soon!

So, with that in mind, our Beauty and Brow consultants are here to debunk the most common myths about brows!

Myth: the same brow shape works for everyone

Nope! Our beauty experts agree that your perfect brow shape depends on your other features. Your brow shape should enhance, highlight, and soften the right angles on your face for the most killer brow looks.

Myth: both brows should look exactly the same

There’s an old saying that goes… brows should be sisters, not twins! There’s lots of reasons your brows might not be perfectly symmetrical – and that’s okay! Our faces aren’t entirely symmetrical either – so it’s natural to have a bit of variation.

Myth: there’s nothing you can do about sparse brows

This one is definitely a myth! In fact, those with sparse brows have even more freedom when it comes to choosing the perfect shape.

Eyebrow serums contain active ingredients that promote growth, including amino acids that protect from breakage, and conditioning agents that hydrate the individual hairs. They are designed to enhance the thickness of your eyebrows and in the areas that are sparse, they stimulate growth.’

‘Simply apply the recommended amount of serum drops directly onto your brows with an applicator or clean finger. Use this twice a day for maximum results.’

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