Bronsun Brow Dye an Instagram Sensation

Bronsun is a true Instagram sensation. Brow stylists all over the world are fans of this Russian brand. Why? Because it is the first eyebrow gel with henna effect. Very easy to apply! And it not only tints the hair but also the skin.

Bronsun was developed in Russia in 2017. And soon the tubes of eyebrow and eyelash dye were a big hit. Not only among Russian eyebrow specialists, but also among beauticians worldwide. In 2018, Bronsun was voted “Best Brand of the Year” and today products are delivered to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Henna Wow Effect

Why is Bronsun brow dye so popular? It is the first eyebrow dye with gel texture that gives a henna brow effect. No powder, but a handy liquid product that you mix with developer. Super easy to mix, more than easy to apply.

The Benefits Of Bronsun Eyebrow Tint

  • Highly Pigmented
  • Dyes the hair and the skin
  • Colours the hairs up to 7 weeks (it grows out)
  • Henna Tattoo effect up to 7 days
  • in a handy tube, no messy powders to mix
  • Fine gel texture
  • Does not contain ammonia
  • Colours can be mixed to create custom blends.

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