10 Reasons you need a Musotoku Power Supply

I’ve been using this power supply for over a year now, so thought it’s about time for a thorough review!

1. Manufactured from an aircraft grade aluminum housing, this supply is extremely durable. What truly sets it apart from all the other power supplies on the market are its internals. You will never experience any wall or power-strip fluctuations with 5 continuous amps and 10 amps at peak power.

(Side Note: Most power supply companies intentionally leave the continuous amperage out of their technical specs and only mention the peak amperage. This is because a lot of manufacturers cut corners when it comes to the quality and production of their internals. A lot of consumers don’t realize they will never reach anywhere near the peak amperage.)

2. The Musotoku Power Supply is smaller than it appears in most pictures; it has a smaller footprint than an iPhone Plus and is extremely lightweight.

3. There are 4 voltage presets available at the touch of a button and 0–16 volts in 0.1v increments. It has a built-in timer with pause and Nitro features. The Nitro feature is not only convenient with a machine like the Xion or Valhalla but it’s also perfect for that very slow whip at a very low voltage. Nitro will give you that 0.5 second bump you would typically need to raise the voltage to achieve.

4. Musotoku offer 3 footswitch modes: continuous, tap to start/tap to stop, and regular.

5. Easy to bag, this power supply allows for safe, hygienic procedures; it’s also easy to tape the knob for barrier protection. The manufacturer is reaching the final prototyping of an awesome disposable cover with a disposable knob cover that you can actually turn. It will be a very thin protective cover and will provide you with less plastic waste than a typical bottle bag. They go on the power supply, stay put, and come off easily.

6. The power supply comes with a sturdy plastic travel case. It can be used with any GoPro or camera mount as well as their upcoming magnetic base.

7. I purchased my Musotoku power supply to replace a faulty critical atom power supply. I will say this: for people who are experiencing fluctuation, heat issues, or inconsistant power, Musotoku’s amperage will allow you to run cleanly and consistently at lower voltages and keep your equipment running cool.

8. While you will pay a little more upfront for this power supply, the benefits far outweigh the cost. Considering what I have already thrown away on top US brands, I would have saved a lot of money if I had known about this power supply first. We are one of the very few suppliers of Musotoku in Australia!

9. Musotoku will automatically shut off after one hour of being idle, but upon start-up, it will welcome you back. Literally. When powered on, an easy-to-see amber light will glow. This will let you know if you are still in continuous mode for those ultra-silent rotaries.

10. Heavy-duty magnetic bases are currently in production and the magnets will hold on to anything.

Ready to level up? Available to purchase here!

Check out Teryn’s excellent youtube tutorial on the musotoku below.

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